Technical Information on Connecting to UW Wireless Network


The UWyo network is recommended for UW students, faculty, and staff working on the main campus. UWyo uses a standard called 802.1x/WPA2 which is a secure method of using the wireless network. When using UWyo all data is encrypted so that other users of the wireless network cannot see your data.

Most recent operating systems will automatically configure the appropriate settings when users select the UWyo network from their computer's wireless menu. If your system does not automatically configure, the information below can be used to manually configure your system. .

Key configuration information for UWyo (for manual configuration and non-Windows systems):
Network name (SSID): UWyo
Connection type: Infrastructure
Wireless security type: IEEE 802.1x authentication
Network (Access point) Authentication: WPA2
Data encryption: AES
EAP type: Protected EAP (PEAP)
Authentication Protocol: Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)
Validate server certificate/Trusted Root Certification Authority: AddTrust External CA Root

Note: Prior to connecting to the UW wireless network, it is necessary for you to have installed and setup your wireless network adapter based on the manufacturer's instructions.

Other Wireless Options

Encryption not provided: Using the UWguest network is another option for connecting to the UW wireless network. You are only required to have an email address in order to authenticate on the network. This option does not necessitate that you have a specific wireless adapter or that you have specific software installed. If you connect to the UWguest network, you will be prompted for your email address the next time you attempt to connect to a Web page.

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