Searching for Submitted Contracts

This guide will cover:

  • Navigating to a listing of your pending contracts.
  • Utilizing the advanced search tools within the contracts module.

If you are looking for information on submitting a contract please see the Create Service Contract Quick Reference Guide.


Step One

  • Upon signing in, this home page will display. Click on the Navigator button (the three horizontal lines) in the top left corner.

  • Then, on the menu that pops up, click on Contract Management > Contracts.


  • Once you have selected the Contracts page link, the Contracts Search page will display:


Step Two

Review currently pending contracts

  • On the left, click on the Pending Approvals tab (second from the top).

  • The Pending Approvals tab shows all contracts you’ve previously submitted that are currently processing through the approvals workflow.  You can view details such as:
    • Submitted Date: date the contract was initially submitted
    • Current Approver: username of whom the contract is currently sitting for approval
    • Days in Approval: total days the contact has been in the approval process
    • Days with Current Approver: number of days the contact has been with the current approver

  • You can also review the full approval workflow for the contact by clicking on the icon below Review Approvers.

  • The Review Approvers pop up will appear.


Step Three

Advanced Searching allows you to look for contracts in a pending status as well as other statuses using a multitude of parameters

  • The Advanced Search page is the main landing page when you select Contracts from the Navigator.

  • To search, you must enter at least one of the search criteria marked with a **. These are:

    • Number: this can be the full number assigned to a contract at creation or just part of it.  For example, you could input your five digit organization number to obtain all contracts associated with your organization (this example will only work if the contracts you are searching for have been numbered in accordance with the General Counsel standards explained in Step 2 of the Create a Service Contract Quick Reference Guide).
    • Party Name: this is the supplier with which the contract was created.
    • Contract Owner: person who created the contract.  This is useful to search for contracts you did not personally create.  The contract owner is the person who entered the contract into WyoCloud.
    • My Contracts: check this box to display only contracts you created.
    • Start Date/End Date: Starting and ending date entered on the contract.
  • Of the additional, optional, search parameters, Status is the most useful to most users.  Use this to only display contracts in a specific step in the creation process.
  • After entering at least one of the search parameters, click Search.

  • You may set a specific set of search parameters as your default by first entering the search parameters then clicking Save.


You have now completed the steps to search for submitted contracts.

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