TouchNet Deposit Detail Report

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Navigating to the Report:

To access the location of this report, the user must be connected to the UW network. If off campus, the computer must be connected through Pulse Secure for a secure connection.  For more information regarding Pulse Secure or Duo Mobile, see the knowledge base for WyoSecure and Duo Mobile.    

All currently provisioned users with basic system access to WyoCloud Financial Management have read access to this folder. 

  • Once within the folder, you will find one report for each month.  The folder will be updated with the previous month’s report on a monthly basis.

  • The report will look similar to this:


Reading the Report:

  • First use the filters in the blue table at the top to refine the data you are viewing.  It is recommended you filter by Org.  Alternatively you can use Payment ID for deposits made at the Cashier’s office.  The Payment ID for these transactions will be the receipt number.

  • Double click on a given amount to open the full details in another tab. 

  • The following data is included in this expanded view:


Data Included

Input Description

If this field is all numerical it denotes a deposit at the Cashier’s Office.  For MarketPlace transactions the MarketPlace name will be at the end of the numerical string.

Account String


Accounting Chart String

Natural Account

Natural Account

Fund Source

Fund Source







Banner Detail Code

This is an internal Banner coding.

Charge Account


Accounting chart string.  Note this is only populated for Cashier’s Office deposits.


Deposit Amount

Banner Receipt Number

Banner receipt number (not TouchNet receipt number).

User Name

For Cashier’s deposits this shows the Cashier who entered the deposit.  For MarketPlace transactions it is the name of the MarketPlace.

Transaction Date

Date the deposit was made.

Banner Feed Date

Date of the Banner feed the transaction was included in.

Payment ID

Cashier’s Office (TouchNet) Receipt Number

Transaction Number

Transaction Number


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