Frequently Asked Questions - Reporting

Q: How do we get PISTOL looking reports from WyoCloud?

A: The WyoCloud team is in the process of developing additional transactional reports for you to use.  At this time, we have created a Transactions by Period report that provides many of these details.  Information on this report, as well as a full listing of available reports you may find useful can be found in our recent reporting communication

Q: How do I see my individual transactions/deposits that I made into Banner?

A: WyoCloud brings information from Banner into the system at a summary level, not by individual transactions.  It is recommended you save your receipts from each deposit in order to ensure they all correctly add up to the lump sum you see in WyoCloud.  We are also working to develop better reporting for transactions in Banner to assist you when reconciling.   


Q:  We need a comprehensive training on GL reports and what transactions are summarized into the information we see.  I am also confused about revenue.  What is my bottom line and how do I see this? 

A: Please know we are working to develop a narrative chart of accounts as well as training on transactional reporting to help you better understand the information you see in the system. 


Q:  I don’t see any revenue coming in from my foundation accounts. 

A: There is currently a backlog of revenue from the Foundation being entered in our system. We are in the process of developing a report to give to the Foundation on a monthly basis to transfer funds back to UW on expenditures on foundation accounts. 


Q: Is there a report that we can run to see what people have outstanding P-cards charges? Is there also a report to see who has requested a cash advance?

A: At this time, we do not have either of these reports.  However, we have made note of these requests. 


Q: We were told that report data would be updated on a nightly basis.  However, reporting data isn’t updated nightly as some transactions do not appear the next day.

A: Information, such as transactions, will be posted to reports after they are process through the system and have received all the correct approvals. Some transactions may not show up on a nightly basis.  We are continuing to work through our reporting challenges and create better reporting for users. 


Q: I'm very concerned that we do not appear to have any form of official data governance and I'm not aware of future plans (that's not to say there isn't, if there is then it hasn't been communicated down)? As part of the BI team I closely follow what is good practice in any BI implementation across industry and from what I read it appears that a large percentage of BI implementation fail due to lack of Data Governance. Can the team please detail what has, what is currently, and what will be implemented and put in place?

A: The WyoCloud is currently working to develop a data governance structure, which we hope will be in place in early 2018.  The governance structure will include a cross-divisional group of UW employees who form a Data Governance Council.  We have also recently hired additional staff to address reporting and data needs, who will work closely with the Data Governance Council. 


Q: Is there a report that shows me my department’s payroll information?

A: There are two reports in HRMS that contain payroll information, “Department Encumbrance Report” and “Department Expense Report.” Directions for accessing these reports can be found on the payroll website.


Q: Can we create a report that shows all paid invoices?

A: We have made note of this request, and added to our files for further review.  However, if you go to the payables dashboard info-tile and view all of the columns, you can see if the invoices has been paid.  You can sort and search by invoice number, or supplier number.   Also remember that in the payables dashboard, you can click “columns, view all” which will show additional information. 

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