Transactions by Period Report

This guide will cover:

  • How to navigate to the Transactions by Period report within WyoCloud Reports and Analytics.
  • How to run the Transactions by Period report.
  • Tips on prompts and reading the Transactions by Period report.


Step One

Upon accessing WyoCloud from WyoWeb, navigate to Reports and Analytics.

  • Click on the Navigator (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of the homepage.

  • First click on Tools to expand (you may need to scroll within the navigator), then click Reports and Analytics.

  • The Reports and Analytics page is displayed.


Step Two

Navigate to the Transactional Reporting Table of Contents, where the Transactions by Period Report is located.

  • Select the small double arrow above the search.

  • From the drop down, select Shared Folders.

  • All Shared Folders you currently have security access for will display.  To locate the Transactional Table of Contents, begin by clicking on the Custom folder (you may need to scroll to locate it).

  • Click Dashboards.

  • Click Table of Contents.

  • To open the Table of Contents, click on the title

Note: You can set the Table of Contents as a favorite for easier navigation in the future.  For directions see this Quick Reference Guide.


Step Three

To run Transactions by Period.

  • Select Transactions by Period. This is located under General Ledger and Budgetary Control.

  • Click Continue on the pop up notification displayed above the prompts.


  • Various prompts are available to refine your report.  Accounting Year, Accounting Period(s) and Organization(s) are required.
    • If you would like to filter to just actuals, set the Encumbrance Type to Expenditures.

  • Select Apply.

  • The report is displayed.

  • The following are a few notes to assist you as your review the report.
    • Under Encumbrance Type:
      • Expenditures are actuals which have been posted to the general ledger.
      • Commitments are requisitions. 
      • Obligations are purchase orders.
    • Review the Journal Description column for details of the transaction on expenditures.
    • The Journal Category Name column contains expense types

This report shows transactional detail relating to requisitions and invoices.  It does not contain other types of transactions such as journal entries (such as Interdepartmental Transfers (IDTs)) and transactions integrated into WyoCloud from other systems.  Integrated transactions include items such as payroll, Banner, telecom fees, and postal charges.





  • This report can be exported to Excel by scrolling to the bottom and selecting export.


You have now completed the steps to Transactions by Period Report.

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