General Ledger (GL) Balances Report

This guide will cover:

  • Accessing and viewing the General Ledger Balances Report to view beginning and current fund balances with expenditures.

Step One

Upon accessing WyoCloud from WyoWeb, navigate to Scheduled Processes.

  • Click on the Navigator (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of the homepage.

  • First click on Tools to expand (you may need to scroll within the navigator), then click Reports and Analytics.

  • The Reports and Analytics page is displayed.

Step Two

Navigate to the Transactional Reporting Table of Contents, where the General Ledger Balances Report is located.

  • Select the small double arrow above the search.

  • From the drop down, select Shared Folders.

  • All Shared Folders you currently have security access for will display.  To locate the Transactional Table of Contents, begin by clicking on the Custom folder (you may need to scroll to locate it).

  • Click Dashboards.

  • Click Table of Contents.

  • To open the Table of Contents, click on the title

Note: You can set the Table of Contents as a favorite for easier navigation in the future.  For directions see this Quick Reference Guide.

Step Three

Running the General Ledger Balances Report.

  • Under the General Ledger and Budgetary Control heading on the Table of Contents, click on General Ledger Balances.  Note: it may take a few minutes for the report to fully load.

  • A selection of filters will appear.  These filters are options to help refine your report.  In this example, we have slected Feb 18 for the Period and Anthropology for the Organization.  You will always want to define a specific period. 
  • After selecting desired prompts, click Apply.

Note: When selecting the period prompt, be sure to select a month which has been closed. Users receive an email from WyoCloud letting them know when a period (month) has been closed in WyoCloud Financial Management.

  • After running the report, it will prompt you to open the report in Excel. Click OK.

Note: It may take a few minutes for the report to populate and prompt you to open in Excel.

Step Four

  • Within Excel you have the ability to sort and filter for the information you would like to see.  Many users find it is most useful to sort by Fund Source Code.

Step Five

  • If you would like a more refined search, additional filters such as fund class can be applied to narrow the results.  Lets look at an additional common filtering option.

In this example, we will look at the indirect costs for Org 10051 within the fund source 000001.  Several of the search filters are available using either chart string numerical values or the associated word (appearing lower on the page). Either filtering option returns valid results.

  • In this example, a more refined search result is displayed.


You have now navigated to and ran the General Ledger Balances Report.

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