Frequently Asked Questions - PPM

Q: On awards page in PPM, in manage project costs and commitments, can we change the system to allow us to drill into commitment costs? 

A: At this time we do not have this ability, but we have noted this as an enhancement request.  In the interim, please use the “view columns” feature, which does provide some additional information, such as seeing PO’s.     


Q: Will UW shut down a grant if it is overspending?

A: We do have budgetary control for PPM/grants, we have had to open budgetary control on a case by case basis to get items processed.  The final component for this is entering the budget, which requires us to manual entry on behalf of this office. 


Q: When will expenditure corrections on grants be processed?  Some are from early September and our grant ended in August. We have until the end of November to close grant’s budget. 

A: The Office of Sponsored programs has gone through and updated all of the expenditure corrections.  There were several that were returned to the departments as additional information/documentation was needed.   All that were submitted that were complete were processed, but the ones that were returned to departments are still in progress.  If you have additional paperwork that needs to be completed, please do so, and the Office of Sponsored Programs will complete your expenditure correction. 


Q: What records retention procedures does UW have in place after a grant expires?

A: UW has abided by all required retention procedures as set by the state of Wyoming as well as that of the sponsoring agencies. Typically, this means we retain documents for three years after the final report has been submitted.   


Q: The funding for my requisition/expense/non-PO invoice comes from a grant, so I am using POET account info.  Why does WyoCloud list a chart string?
A: When you are entering a requisition or creating an expense report, you will have a default chart string based on your department.  If you are paying with a grant, your default chart string may not correlate to your POET information.  However, proceed with entering your POET information and leave your default chart string, making two updates to it:
1) Change the Expense Class from the default 999 to the appropriate one and 2) if the grant is attached to a different college or department, you will also need to adjust the Organization ID to match that of the O in the grant's POET.  Once you submit the item, the POET information will override the original chart string and process the request correctly.  When entering a non-PO invoice, the system does not pull in the chart string information automatically.  Users will need to complete the chart sting and POET information. 


 Q: What should I do if I receive a warning message regarding the budget when I know the POET I'm using should have budgeted moneys remaining?
A: Due to the conversion process to WyoCloud, budgets will have to be loaded manually by the Office of Sponsored Programs. So initially, this warning will be expected.  You can proceed with the payment in a status of “warning”.  However if the status is “error”, then the payment will not be allowed to process.  It is a top priority for the Sponsored Programs Office to complete this manual entry of budgets, after which the warning will not be common going forward.


 Q: How will subcontracts be managed in WyoCloud?
A: Subcontracts will now be managed through the Purchase Order process with Procurement and the Office of Sponsored Programs.  The Sponsored Projects office will convert the open subcontracts into the Purchase Order system.  If you have payments that need to be made, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs to ensure those payments and purchase orders are processed timely.


Q:  Will we have faster access to grants in the new system?

A: Grant setup will happen on a daily basis.

Q:  Will InfoEd still be in place?
A: Yes, InfoEd will remain the official system of record for pre-award . WyoCloud will take the place of Financial Tracking (InfoEd module) and PISTOL.

Q:  What will happen to green sheets in the new system?
A: Green sheets will be used the same way they are today in the new system.

Q:  Will Grants be subject to the new UW per diem meal travel policy?
A: There will not be expense types for dinner, lunch, and breakfast – these will be covered by per diem. However, in the event where a grant requires actual receipts, per diem would not be used.

Q:  How do you split an expense item between multiple grants? 
A: To split an expense item between multiple grants, you will use the split funding expense item. To allocate an expense between multiple grants, you must be able to show the benefit to each grant. For more information on allowability and allocation of grant expenditures, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Further explanation on how to split an expense item can be found in the Expense FAQ. 

Q:  Will there have to be a grant budget for the grant to be setup in WyoCloud? 
A: Yes, budgets are required. For additional information on budget requirements, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs. 

Q:  What are you going to do with grants that do not come in with line item budgeting?

A: We will review the award contract and then contact the PI and their department accountant to determine the appropriate budget. In special circumstances, we can budget at a total grant level. However, this does not provide any budgetary control.

Q: If we have funds that roll-over (5 year grant) do we need to determine ahead of time where they are placed and what line item? Can we choose? Do they have to follow where they came from?
A: We will need to look into each individual program. We will need to look at each carry forward request to help determine how the funds will be used.

Q: With payroll, does the budget check come in after the person is paid or is it going to stop them from getting paid?
A: Per University of Wyoming policy, the payment of payroll will not be held up due to internal processes. We are working diligently to configure the system to minimize these occurrences - nothing should hold up payroll or affect grants. 

Q: How do we make budget changes?
A: Contact the coordinator associated with the grant, if needed they will contact the sponsor for further assistance. 

Q: Can you clarify what “equipment and rental fees” refers to? Does this relate to office space rental? 
A: Everything that would be considered “rent” would roll up into this category. Once we provide the roll up to you, you will be able to see more specific details.

Q: Can you clarify what “publication costs” are?
A: Cost of publication due to research and producing a formal document. This does NOT include making copies, etc – that would fall under office expenses. 

Q: Is the Sponsored Programs Office going to look at each department’s individual expenditures to roll up under categories?
A: If we already have your budget, we will do what we can to translate it over. This does not mean that we will make changes without consulting the PI and the department accountant.

Q: Will we still have Pistol reports and what will that look like in relation to grants?
A: There are customized grant reports available from the reporting dashboard in the WyoCloud system. Within PPM there is significant reporting capacity within the Manage Project Cost and Manage Project Commitments sections.

Q: With the new budget line items, what is “indirect cost” now called or referred to as?
A: F & A – Facilities and Administrative Costs.

Q: Is there a way to see what is being accrued?
A: There will be no change with the payroll accrual process. 

Q: Fringe for supplemental/summer salary is currently split – will this be changed?
A: Summary salary fringe will no longer be pro-rated. It will be charged against the flat fringe rate pool.

Q: I have two faculty members that belong to another department – will I be able to complete PO’s, expense reports, etc using their grant information or will I need access to their accounts to enter against them?
A: You can process against them if the faculty member delegates to you and you have the POET string

Q:  If there is more than one PI on the Grant, who approves it?
A: The main PI (not co-PI's) will be able to approve transactions against the grants.

Q:  If I issue a PO on a grant, will it go to somebody else instead of a PI?
A: All expenditures, regardless of the method of payment, will be routed for approval to the PI and to the cost center approver for the department.

Q:  What would happen to a grant if a PI leaves?
A: If a PI leaves, it is up to the sponsor to determine if the funds will transfer with the PI or if the funds remain with the institution.

Q:  Does the PI see all the way through awards, contracts, and projects?
A: PI’s have access to awards and projects (not contracts).

Q:  When we have grants that cross over different departments, what kind of access will we have?
A: To have access to a grant in PPM, you must be listed as a Team Member in PPM. The determination of who is a Team Member is taken from the green sheet which is completed by the PI. We will be converting the current team members from InfoEd. If you are not currently listed as a Team Member and need to have access, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Q:  How will indirect costs be handled for grants?
A: Indirect cost will be assessed against the grant expenditure in real time as opposed to the current monthly process. Indirect cost will be distributed the same as it is done currently.

Q:  Will it be easier to track where exact indirect costs come from for the purpose of telling people how much is available to them specifically?
A: Indirect cost will be distributed the same as it is done currently.

Q:  How will indirect costs be split across departments?
A: The standard distribution of indirect cost is as follows: 
75% general fund
15% department
5% college
5% VP of Research

Q:  Will indirect costs be encumbered?
A: No, indirect costs will not be encumbered in the new system. Indirect costs are included in the budget line items and will be managed through budgetary controls.

Q:  If we share F&A with other institutions, for instance, will it be reflected on its own line item (and only for UW)?
A: When indirect cost is charged through other institutions, it is part of their subaward contract agreement and is appropriately included in the subaward line item. The only amount reflected as F&A in the budget is UW’s portion.

Q:  How will subcontracts be handled in the new system?
A: Pre-Award Office of Research will assist in the creation of the subaward contract. Once the subaward contract has been finalized, it will be processed through procurement. All processing of subaward payments will be applied through the Accounts Payable system. For additional information, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Q:  Will we still need to do PARS forms with the new system?
A: Yes, HRMS will still be used and paper PARS forms will be generated until the new HCM system is implemented.

Q:  What if your cost share is on multiple projects not just one, how can you tell? 
A: At grant setup, per the grant agreement and green sheet, we determine if cost share is a grant requirement. If required, then a cost share project will be created that is associated with the externally funded project (grant). Similar to tracking your budget to actual expenses on your grant you will be able to track the expenses on your cost share project.

Q:  Will we need to know where cost share is coming from right when the grant is set up?
A: On the green sheet, cost share is identified by its source. Upon setup of the grant, the Office of Sponsored Programs will contact the department and PI to make arrangements for the transfer of the funds. If the award is a multi-year award, the funds can be transferred annually.

Q:  Should we be over-matching cost shares?
A: We do not recommend over-matching.

Q: How can I track progress cost-sharing requirements?
A: On the green sheet, cost share is identified by its source. Upon setup of the grant, the Office of Sponsored Programs will contact the department and PI to make arrangements for the transfer of the funds. If the award is a multi-year award, the funds can be transferred annually. In the awards module, you can track budget vs. actuals on all projects included cost share.

Q: What happens if I have one grant account that is used as cost-share against another grant account? 
A: We would not utilize the functionality of that cost-share account. We will know through communication with you that the expenses that are charged to the other award is cost-share towards the grant. It’s really about communication. 

Q: What happens if I have multiple fund sources for cost share (ex. Unrestricted for part, endowment for other) – is this ok and how would this division work? 
A: Your cost-share is one pool of money that is being used to meet the grant requirements. They will not have separate identities once they are in that one account. 

Q:  Will we be able to track travel spread out among multiple faculty members?
A: No.

Q:  Will be able to change the end date that you put in for a grant?
A: The end date of the grant is determined by the grant award agreement (contract). It is only through a modification (no-cost extension) or an amendment that the end date of a grant is modified.

Q: What about grants that don’t line up with the fiscal year? Will funds expire over the fiscal year or will they roll over? 
A: The term of the grant is determined by the grant award agreement. There is no impact on management of the grant by our fiscal year. There is no expiration of funds until the end of the grant term. 

Q: How will in-kind contributions look in the system?
A: If you have in-kind contributions being provided, we still need documentation from service agency stating value of service and service provided. We are currently testing the appropriate mechanism to capture the information in PPM.

Q: If we have a grant award, what is the flexibility within each line item?
A: Budget flexibility is dependent on the sponsor and the grant award agreement. The rule of thumb for federal funds is 10% of the total grant. For example, if a grant award is $10,000, the flexibility of transferring within budget line items is $1,000.

Q: It is our understanding that line items in PPM are different and do not match up to our current line items (ex. Grants currently break up personnel costs into full-time, part-time, fringe. New system will lump all of these into “labor” moving forward). How are items are defined to be put into line items?
A: There is a crosswalk that will show each natural account and how this corresponds to expenditure types and how this rolls into budget categories.  This crosswalk is available on the WyoCloud website. Please note, you will not be expected to do this on your own. The Office of Sponsored Programs will provide assistance as needed through this transition.

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