How to Register for an Event

1.Log into your family account.

2. You will see your Member List page. If someone in your family was granted Club or Project Leader Access, you will need to click on Family Login to access the Member List page.

3.At the bottom of the page, select the member name that is registering for the event from the drop down menu.  If you have multiple members wanting to register, this process will need to be repeated for each member.

4.Choose the Event name from the drop down menu.

5.The Files to Download area and Registration Type will appear after completing steps 3 and 4.

6.If there are File to Download, you may do so here.

7.Select the Register button for the registration type.

8. Answer the questions for your event participation and press Continue.  These questions will change depending on the event you are registering for.

9.Confirm your registration details.  

10.Select the Check Out button.

11. Press the Select Payment Method button.

12.Place a checkmark agreeing to the Pay By Computer Terms and Conditions.

     13. Press the Confirm Order button.

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