Enrollment Instructions for Existing Members


1. Go to http://wy.4honline.com You will see a screen like this.

2. As an existing Member/Family that is re-enrolling for the next 4-H year select the first option

• Enter your email address and password you used to create your Family login and click the Login button

• If you can’t remember your password select ‘I forgot my password’  enter your email address and click the Send My Password button. 

• A new automated password will be sent to the email address you provided along with instructions to login and reset your password.

3. Once you are logged in you can review your Family info and update it if needed by clicking the Edit Family button 

4. In the MEMBER LIST tab, please look at the Member/Volunteer List to view the members/adult volunteers associated with your family account.

Please do not add a new individual that is already listed in the member/volunteer list!

• To Re-Enroll for the new 4-H year click on the Edit button to the right of each name 

• Review the information displayed in the Personal Information screen.

• At the Bottom of the page on the right you will click the Enroll for 2015-2016 button. 

• On the next page you can review/update the personal information page.

• The red asterisk * indicates required fields

You will now continue through several tabs verifying/updating information. To advance to the next screen click the Continue button.

NOTE: In an effort to reduce our mailing costs, please consider selecting the EMAIL option in the Correspondence Preference field.

In the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION screen you will review the Publicity Release, Statement of Assumed Risk Transportation Release, Code of Conduct, and for Leaders Training and Screening Understanding.

• Please Read this information! You must click this box in each section in order to continue 

The next screen is the HEALTH FORM - If any of the individuals Health information has changed, please update it!

In the PARTICIPATION screen you will add or delete Clubs and Projects for each individual.

• If you are unsure of which Club to choose, please select 1 Club Placement and we will help choose a club.

• If you select a new club remember to click the Add Club Button to add it to your Club list. 

• When finished with club selections click the Continue Button at the bottom. 

• You will be taken to the project tab where you can add or delete projects.

• For returning members the years in project should automatically increase for projects you are continuing

• Remember to click the Add Project button to add a project to the Project List. 

• You can delete a project by clicking the Edit button and then clicking the button. 

• When you are finished with club and project selections click the Submit Enrollment Button. 

If your enrollment status is Pending, your record is complete and waiting for county level 4-H approval. If your enrollment status is Inactive or Incomplete, click Edit to review your record for missing information and resubmit.

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