Enrollment Instructions for New Members


1. Go to http://wy.4honline.com You will see a screen like this.

2. As a Member/Family Enrolling for the FIRST time select the second option 

• Select your county and fill in the fields

• Save your password so you are able to log back in to your profile!


User Email:___________________________________


3. Click the Create Login Button.

4. The next screen is the FAMILY INFO Screen

• Fill in all the fields

• The red asterisk * indicates required fields

• If you would like to update the Family Information for all members records with the same address click this box

5. The next screen is the MEMBER LIST

• The Family Information is displayed on the left.

• Click the “Add a New Family Member” drop down menu and select Adult or Youth.

6. Click the Add Member Button. 

7. The next screen is the YOUTH PERSONAL INFORMATION

• Fill in all the fields

• Years in 4-H: For returning members, this numer will automatically increase • The red asterisk * indicates required fields

• If you have two email addresses you would like to have information sent to, please enter it in the Second Household email field

• Split families can also be set up for each member

8. When finished click the Continue Button at the bottom. 

9. The next screen is the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION screen. Here you will review the Code of Conduct, General Authorization and Release, and Statement of Assumed Risk

• Please Read this information!

• You must click this box in each section before you are able to continue to the next screen

10. When finished reading click the Continue Button at the bottom. 

11. The next screen is the HEALTH FORM

• Here you will first verify if you have any of the following health conditions: diabetes, asthma, heart trouble, high blood pressure, seizures, or fainting spells. Select Yes or No

• In the Following fields you will note the following information:

• Explanation of the conditions listed above, if any

• Allergies/reactions to Drugs/Medicine

• Allergies/Reactions to Foods

• Allergies/Reactions to Things in Nature

• List medications

• Specify additional Health information


12. The PARTICIPATION screen.

• Here you will add Clubs and Projects for each member/leader

13. First select your CLUB(s) from the drop down menu.

14. Click the Add Club Button. You will see your club selection added to the Club list. 

• You can add additional clubs by repeating the steps above.

15. When finished adding clubs click the Continue Button at the bottom. 

16. Next you will ADD A PROJECT(S)

17. Select the club from the drop down menu.

18. Pick a project from the list

19. Selects Year in Project

For returning Members the years in project will automatically increase

20. Click the Add Project Button. You will see your project selection added to the Project List. 

• You can add additional projects by repeating the steps above.

21. When you are finished adding clubs and projects Click the Submit Enrollment Button. 

Once you have Submitted an Enrollment you will then be taken back to the MEMBER LIST screen

You can then enroll new 4-H Members or Volunteers using the same steps.

Your enrollment will be sent to the County Extension Office where they will review and approve/activate your profile, or return your enrollment to you for changes/additional information.

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