How to log into 4HOnline

  1. Please wait for the system generated email to log into your county account.
  2. To log into the program you will need a computer, internet access, a valid e-mail address and a web browser.  The 4hOnline program seems to work best with Mozilla Firefox. 
  3. Open your Mozilla Firefox internet browser.  If you do not have it, it is available as a free download at www.
  4. Go to  and add the website to your bookmarks.
  5. Click “I have a profile.”
  6. Type your e-mail address in the “Email” field. For most this is the email that ends in “”
  7. If this is your first time to log in to 4-H Online, use the password emailed to you from the system.  It will prompt you to change your password once you’re logged in for the first time.
  8. Select “County” on the Role drop down menu.
  9. Click “Login” at the bottom of the screen to access the system.
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