Accessing your Club Leader Account

1.Log into your family account.

2.If you were granted Club Leader Access your login portal will be on your home landing page.

3.To login as a Club Leader, select your name from the dropdown.  The second drop down will pre-fill with your club information.

4.Enter the password given to you by your county extension office and press Login to Club.  The password is case sensitive.

5.You will land on your dashboard which may look similar to this. Only the Members and Search buttons work on your dashboard.

6.Click on the Members  button to view a list of your active members.  Note:This will include Adult and Youth in the same list.  You may sort members quickly by clicking on any of the column headers.

7.For a more advanced search, click on the Search  button to sort members in your club by interest such as youth and active by placing a checkmark in the box and pressing the Search button. The Send Email to Flagged  button is currently in development, it will not work.

8.If you use the advanced search function, make sure to use the Clear Filters  button each and every time to begin a new search.

9.If you would like to print the results of your search you may do so by clicking on the Quick Reports drop down and selecting Search-List.

10.If you would like to export the search into an Excel spreadsheet, click on the Quick Exports drop down and select Search-List.

Note: As Club Leaders you will only use the Members and Search buttons at this time.

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