Accepting Members using the Confirm Member Function

The “Confirm Members” function is a shortcut to view the members whose enrollment applications have not been approved yet.  You can also approve members by using the “Search” function.

How to Confirm Members

  1. After logging in to 4-H Online, click the “Confirm Members” icon on the “Dashboard.”
  2. If any names are listed, click “Login” to the right of that name.
  3. First, scan the contact information for the family listed in the middle of the page.
  4. You may click “Continue” at the bottom of each page or the enrollment step links at the top of the page to advance through the sections of the enrollment application.
  5. If you do not wish to take action on enrollment at this time, click “Cancel” on the county review screen to return back to the family page.  If you are ready to approve the enrollment or return the application to the family for corrections, go to step 6.
  6. If the application is correct, click “Accept Member” at the bottom of the last screen.  An email will be automatically sent to the new member to notify them of their approval.  If additional information is needed from the member or adult, a message can be typed in the “Message to Member” box.  If the member was added by accident or is a duplicate, the record can be deleted from the system on this page as well.


  • “Adult” record is designed for Adult Volunteers NOT adult parents.  Parents should not create an individual record within the family.
  • FFA members should NOT be enrolled in 4-H Online this affects data integrity.  The program is called 4-H Online for a reason!  FFA members can be added as contacts.  Contacts can be members of a group.
  • Complete the Confirm Members process daily to ensure speedy enrollment application processing.
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