Accept Members using the Search Function

How to View Pending Member/Adult Volunteer Enrollments

1. On the “Member/Volunteer” search tab, leave all fields blank.

2. In the “Status” section, select “Pending” and “Incomplete.”

3. Click “Search.”

4. This search will return all members who have started their application for enrollment and may need follow up from your county office.

How to Approve Pending Enrollments

1. Complete the search process described above.

2. View the family members listed on the “Member/Volunteer List.” Click “Login” to the right of each family member to view their information and make any necessary corrections. You must click “Continue” at the bottom of each page or the enrollment step links at the top of the page to advance through the required sections of the enrollment application.  Make sure that all youth are signed up for at least one club and one project.  All adults should be associated with at least one club or group available from the list.

3. If you do not wish to take action on enrollment at this time, click “Cancel” on the county review screen to return back to the family page.

4. If the application is correct, click “Approve Enrollment” at the bottom of the last screen.  An email will be automatically sent to the new member to notify them of their approval.  If additional information is needed from the member or adult, a message can be typed in the “Message to Member” box.  If the member was added by accident or is a duplicate, the record can be deleted from the system on this page as well.

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