Granting Project Leaders Access to 4HOnline

Granting Project Leaders Access

1.Log into your county account.

2.Click on the Options button towards the top of the page. 

3.Click on the Project Leaders Link

4.All of the Project Leaders in your County will be listed here.  

5.To grant access as a project leader place a checkmark in the Allow Login column (noted by the letter a).  

6.To allow them access to all project members in your entire county, place a checkmark in the County Wide column (noted by the letter b).

7.The password for access the project leader will need is in the column named Password (noted by the letter c)

8.You will want to share with the volunteer via email, text or phone the password they will need in order to gain access.

9. When you have placed the checkmarks in the appropriate columns, you may click on any option to leave the screen.  Your changes will be saved automatically.

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