Financial Reports Function

  Standard reports are available in the Finances tab of 4HOnline to help keep the financial information easy to obtain and understand.

How to Access the Reporting Function

  1. After logging into 4HOnline, click Finances from your Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Standard Reports Section.  It contains different types and formats of reports, with different user options for each. 

Report Directories

  • Standard - “Canned” reports created by 4hOnline, multi-line, non-edit, no auto labels

How to Work with Standard Reports

The county can run a standard report.

How to View a Standard Report

1. Select the report you wish to view and click the “Run” button located to the right of the report name.


How to Export and View Standard Reports

Once a report has been created, you can view your report in many different formats, such as pdf or excel files.

  1. After clicking Run Report, a separate window will open showing the report in Quick view as a pdf.
  1. To print the report in pdf format simply select print from the browser tool bar.  To export and save the pdf, click the blue disk icon located to the immediate left of the pull down menu.  The report will then download to your computer.
  1. If you have a large report with many headings, or wish to have the data to conduct a mail merge, it is recommended that you export the data to Excel.  To create an Excel spreadsheet, select the MS Excel option from the drop down menu on the right side.
  1. Once MS Excel has been selected, click on the blue disk icon located to the immediate left of the drop down menu.  By clicking this, the computer will open another window asking you to save the report or automatically open the report in Microsoft Excel (depends on your computer’s operating system).
  1. Once the report is open or saved you can edit the information for your needs.  The formatting will appear the same as the pdf.  If you need to sort or do extended functions with the file in this format you will want to delete the unnecessary formatting so you can filter and sort the data. On group reports you may need to add columns to preserve the grouping.

Things to Remember

  • The Memorize function doesn’t work with all reports because of complexity.
  • Do not use punctuation in file names.
  • If you would like assistance with creating a specific report, submit a ticket at  
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