Accepting Payments

How to mark a payment as received

1. After logging into 4HOnline, click on the Finances tab.

2. Click on Payments.  

3. Find the member that paid the assessment and place a checkmark in the box to the left.

4. Click on “Mark County/Club Check as Received”.

5. The system will give you a message that says “Payments Marked as Received!” and the status will change to Received on the list of payments.

What county managers see in the member record

1. If you log in to the member record and navigate to the Invoice portion of the enrollment application you will see the following:

2. After you follow the above steps, you will see the following:

Note:  The system marks the invoice paid when the family presses the “Submit” button.  This is a system feature.  The families do not ever see the invoice showing as paid, it is only seen on the county manager side.

What the members see when enrolling

1. After selecting the club and project, they will be guided to the Invoice section.  If you do not have a county assessment, it will say $0.00 is due for enrollment.

2. When they press the “Continue” button.  They are only given one option at this time.  When the credit card ability is available, it will show here as a choice.

3. They must press the “Select Payment Method” button to proceed.

4. The last step is to accept terms and press the “Submit Enrollment” button.

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