MyWyoCast Storage Policy


The MyWyocast desktop recorder software – powered by Sonic Foundry’s MyMediasite – is a complement to the room recorders around campus. It provides a set of tools that allows you to record, edit, and publish multimedia content at your desktop or anywhere. Create and share lectures, assignments, learning modules, lab work, computer examples, etc. If you are in a classroom and want to record your lecture, bring along your own portable web cam and mic, and you can record your class using the desktop recorder. You can create and edit videos, computer images, and audio from your personal device using a Windows or Mac computer. The content can be published and linked to UW’s WyoCast Online Catalog in the MyWyocast folder.


Any University of Wyoming faculty, staff or student can download and publish content using the desktop recorder. The download is free. You will need your own web camera or other devices capable of video and sound. Follow the instructions on How To Create an Account Profile for MyWyocast. Then simply follow these instructions to download the desktop recorder software, install, and register with the server.


UW Employees and Departments: Unlimited for 18 months.

UW Students: Storage space quota is 5 GB per student. Student content will remain on the server until the student’s UWYO account is deleted.


Storage is free and is subject to a fee based on the age of the content. UW employees’ individual content may remain in the MyWyocast folder for up to 18 months free of charge. It is the responsibility of the creator of the content to periodically review their materials, archive, and delete as necessary.

UW Employees and Departments: after 18 months, there is an annual fee of $5 per recording, or $25 per semester’s course, which includes all recordings that are associated with a single semester’s course.

UW Students: Students fund the Wyocast and MyWyocast services through the Central Student Technology Committee. Student storage of MyWyocast content is free.

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