Transferring files from a Flash Drive to the UW Student Remote Lab System

Transferring files from a Flash Drive to the UW Student Remote Lab System:

Before opening a remote lad session copy (or create) files on to your H: HomeDrive network storage (2GB max.). There are two ways to do this.

  1. On a lab computer, insert flash drive, copy files to your H:HomeDrive-StudentFiles. Double click the “This PC” icon in the upper left corner of the desktop,  Copy/Paste, or Click and Drag your file to the HomeDrive-StudentFiles folder.

Open a remote lab session. You will find your newly transferred file(s) on the network storage location HomeDrive-StudentFiles.



  1. You can transfer files from your personal machine in the remote lab portal before you open a remote session.  First

Insert your flash drive, open the remote lab and click on “Student Storage”.

In “Student Storage”, which is the same as your HomeDrive-StudentFiles, click on the “Upload Files” button on the upper right of the window.

Click on “Browse by the number 1., navigate to the desired file(s) on the flash drive.

“Click Open”, then “Upload” on the bottom left of the window.


“Close” “Upload Status” window,

You will see your file(s) in the Student Storage list.


Open your desired Remote lab Pool session.


You will find your file(s) in the HomeDrive-StudentFiles.

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