Map Windows 10 PC to a Konica Minolta copier printer on PrintPress


1. In the windows start menu, in the search bar, type in \\printpress (works for all versions of Windows) and hit enter to run the command.


2. Once in the Print Press window, locate and navigate to the Printer you wish to map. Double click it to install the driver and map the printer.

3. Windows will prompt to confirm the printer is a trusted source and will install the driver. Select the option to install the driver. Most computers on campus will allow the driver to install without administrative permissions.



4. The printer will be mapped and added to the list of available printers.

Many printers on campus require departmental copier/printer codes in order to print.

Open the Control Panel -->Devices and Printers

(In Windows 8/10: Click the Start button again and use the Search feature to search for, "Control Panel").


(in Windows 7, click the Start button, choose Control Panel).


Once the Control Panel launches, in the search bar in the top right corner, type in Devices and Printers. Open the Devices & Printers applet

Locate the newly installed Konica Minolta printer and right-mouse click. Choose, "Printing Preferences" from the action menu.

Click on the “Other” tab.

Remove the check marks for, “Excel Job Control” and “Remove White Background”

(these do not work well for campus systems).

5. Click Apply, but do not close the window.

Select the Basic tab

Click the option for Authentication/Account Track:


6. Enter in your departmental or personal copier code. Click Verify to ensure a connection.

You may now click the OK button and close any open windows.

The Konica printer should now be ready for use. 

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