SAS University Edition: How To Update

NOTE: While SAS University Edition is not provided by UW, this is a guide on how to get it updated.

 A new release of SAS University Edition became available in July 2016. Additional updates to SAS University Edition have also been made available throughout the year. Your steps for upgrading to the latest release depends on whether you have applied these periodic updates. Fortunately, whatever the scenario, SAS University Edition will guide you through the update process. The starting point for upgrading to the latest release is the SAS University Edition: Information Center.

If you applied updates to SAS University Edition when they became available, here is what you can expect:

  1. In the SAS University Edition: Information Center under the Notifications heading, click Download. When the download completes, you should see a "download completed successfully" message and an Update button.
  2. Click Update. This update will take several minutes and requires a restart of the virtual machine. You cannot run SAS Studio while these updates are applied.
  3. When the update is complete, click Start SAS Studio. At this point, you are prompted to accept the Terms & Conditions for using SAS University Edition. When you accept these Terms & Conditions, your license extends for another year. If you decline these Terms & Conditions, then after the expiration date you will no longer be able to use the product. 
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