Create or Export an Email Contact Group in Outlook Web Access


You can create a group to store a list of people you want to send email to. Use this group to send messages to multiple contacts without having to enter each contact separately in the message. Additionally, you can export Outlook contacts.

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Procedure - Create Contact Group

1.Click on the menu icon in Outlook Web Access. In the pop out menu this opens, click on People

2. Click on New

3. Select Create contact list

4. Enter a name for the list

5. In the Members box, start typing the name of someone you want to add to the list. If the person is not already one of your contacts, you can choose to search the University's directory.

6. Once you have clicked on the person's name they will be added to the list

7. Add all the people who you want to be in the list the same way.

8. When you have finished, click Save

Note: to subsequently edit your list, click on the Outlook Web Access pop out menu icon, click on People. Search on the name of your list, and click Edit





Using your Contact Group in an Email

1. In a new email, start typing the name of your list in the To: field of a new email, and click on Search contacts and directory.

2. You will then be able to select your list. Note that it is the name of the list that appears, rather than the individual members





Procedure - Export Contacts

1.  Log into your Outlook Web Access email account.

2.  Click on the Menu button at the top left corner of the Outlook web page

3.  Select the People tile inside of the Menu drop down.

4.  On the People page that opens, look for the Manage drop down menu (circled in red).

5.  Select “Export Contacts” and the following menu will open:

6. Which contacts to export: Select either "All contacts" or "Contacts from this folder" and pick the relevant folder from the menu.

7. Click the Export button and a file, "contacts.csv" will be downloaded containing the selected contacts. This file can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

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