Two Factor Authentication with Universal Prompt

Universal Prompt is the next generation of two factor authentication and this article will show the changes in the authentication process. 


The first step of authentication will remain the same on the Wyo Login screen where you will enter your username and password.

The second authentication window will now look different.  The URL and browser tab will show the Duo Universal Prompt information.  The system will trigger the most secure form of secondary authentication for your account with no need to click anything.  In this example it is triggering a Duo Push and other options will be shown below.

Once authentication is complete, you will be asked if you Trust this browser?  If you click the Yes, trust browser button, you will not be prompted to two factor for this browser again for 14 days.  This acts similar to the "remember me for 14 days" check box did previously.

You will then get the success message.


Other Two Factor Methods


You will be prompted to put in your fob if it is not in when you start the authentication.

Then you will be prompted to touch the fob.


Phone Call

You will see this prompt until you hit # in the phone call


Other Options

If you click the other options link, you will also have options to enter a code from the IT Help Desk or Manage devices.

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