President's FY23 Board of Trustees Budget Report


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Note: This report runs in the cloud environment for quick analysis.  At this time, it is not possible to schedule this report to run automatically.


The Board of Trustees Budget Report is an interactive way to look at the information that is also available in a printed version from the Budget Office. There are some limitations that you may notice, there are a few variance columns displayed however you will only need the President’s review variance column.


Navigating to the report on the Transactional Reporting Table of Contents


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Note: If you have accessed reports before, the Table of Contents links may already be saved on your Favorites list.


  • Once you have located the Table of Contents, click on the "President’s FY23 BOT Budget" report link found under the “Business Intelligence and Data Realization” heading.

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Business Intelligence access is required to view this report. If you cannot see this report, please complete the Business Intelligence training module.




Step Two

Navigating and Understanding the BOT View

  • Once you have located and clicked on the appropriate link, you should see the table shown below within BOT View.

  • The purpose of chart shown is to compare budget variances of the three given fiscal years. The colors in the chart represent the different types of summary level natural accounts that were budgeted.


Filtering Down the Bot View Tab

  • You may use the following prompts at the top of the report to run it with information displayed only relevant to your needs. The report will update with each selection.

    • Organization Code: The organization code for the department you are attempting to view. 

    • Fiscal Year: The year used for taxing and accounting purposes.  University of Wyoming’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.

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Do not edit filters for Plan Element, Scenario, Version, and Fund Class Level 0 Code for this view to match up with the printed Board of Trustees report.  If you do end up modifying and would like to restore the original view, exit out of the report and reopen




  • Click on the field that you would like to search by and enter the respective code

  • To filter the BOT view, you must click on the result you would like it to filter by for the code to move to the right side under Selections.

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  • Once the code is selected you can click off the drop down by clicking anywhere else on your screen and you will see the budgeted accounts as shown below


Navigating and Understanding the Net Activity Site

  • Once you have finished navigating the BOT View site, you can easily move onto the Net Activity site located in the bottom left-hand corner of the web page.

  • The Net Activity Site is useful in showing the distribution of revenues and expenses as a proportion to our budget.

  • Each sliver of the pie chart represents a different revenue or expense in the budget composition When you hover over a sliver, a pop-up will occur stating the amount of revenue or expense that the sliver contains.


Filtering Down the Net Activity Site

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Note: On the Net Activity site you can filter by division code, organization code, fund class, or fund source.  It is also important to note that transfers, such as IDT’s, are not a part of this site’s calculations.


  • As with the BOT View site, you can enter your organization code to compare the revenues and expenses of your specific department.

  • Once you have finished reviewing the Net Activity site, you can navigate down to the bottom left-hand corner of the webpage and select the Revenue Breakdown site.


Navigating and Understanding the Revenue Breakdown Site

  • The Revenue Breakdown site is used to display how revenue is broken up into all the departments at the university.

    • IDT's will not be shown here


Filtering Down the Revenue Breakdown Site.

  • If your organization cannot be easily seen in the chart, it is important to utilize the organization code filter to view your desired information.

  • When you hover your cursor over any of the blocks, it will display how much revenue is being brought in from that source.

  • The pie charts located below the blocks display the budgeted revenue breakdown in the three fiscal years.

  • Upon clicking or filtering for one of the department icons, the pie charts below will change and reflect the budgeted revenue breakdown for only the department that you have chosen

  • Once you have finished reviewing the Revenue Breakdown site, you can navigate down to the bottom left-hand corner of the webpage and select the Expense Breakdown site.


Navigating and Understanding the Expense Breakdown Site

  • The Expense Breakdown site is the exact same as the Revenue Breakdown site with expenses rather than revenue.


Navigating and Understanding the YOYO Changes site

  • The purpose of the YOYO Changes is to breakdown the budgeted revenue and budgeted expense of each of the three fiscal years.


Filtering Down the YOYO Changes Site

  • You can filter by organization code and the YOYO Changes site will break down the revenues and expenses for that specific organization. (As shown below)


This completes all the President’s FY23 BOT Budget Processes.

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