Activating Duo Mobile if Previously Using Passcodes

Two factor authentication protects UW accounts by combining something you know, your username and password, with something you have, such as a cell phone.  If you have been completing the secondary authentication by getting a passcode from a text message and would like to now use the Duo mobile app, these are the instructions to do that.


  1. Go to or any WyoLogin location.
  2. After entering your username and passord, select Other options.


  1. Select Manage devices.

  1. Complete two factor authentication.
  2. Click I have a new phone next to your cell phone.

  1. You will get a window about your new phone.  Click Get started.

  1. Install the Duo app on your new phone.  Click Next.

  1. Scan the QR code with the Duo app.

  1. Your Duo app will now be ready to receive a push notification.


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