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This guide will cover:

  • Recording benefited employees currently working flexible work locations and/or schedules.  Before updating an employee’s assignment, ensure the employee has established a flexible working agreement with their supervisor.  These agreements must follow the Flexible Work Agreement Policy.


This guide details the steps for completing this process using Decentralized Human Resources Representative (DHR) WyoCloud access.

In addition to marking an employee’s assignment as outlined in this guide, it is required that the employee and supervisor complete the required training.  The Flexible Work Agreement form must also be attached to the assignment change. Full details on the policy, training, and required form can be found here.


Step One

  • Navigate to My Workforce using the Navigator bar.

  • First click My Workforce to expand, then select Person Management within the navigator.


Step Two

Locate the employee for whom the change is needed.

  • The Person Management: Search page will display.  Here you can search for all employees within your area of responsibility.
  • To search, enter at least one of the fields marked with a double asterisk (**).  Name or Person Number are recommended. 
  • To search for previous employees, check the Include terminated work relationships box and adjust the Effective As-of Date.
  • Click Search.

  • Once the desired employee is located, click their name from the search results.
    • If the employee appears on the list multiple times, they have multiple assignments.  Take care to ensure you select the correct assignment.

  • After clicking on the employee’s name, The Person Management: Employment Page will be displayed.


Step Three

  • Select Edit then Update.

  • In the Update Employment pop up window, enter the following information:
    • Effective Start Date: Enter when the assignment change should go into effect.  Note: All flexible work agreements must start at the beginning of a week.
    • Action: Select Assignment Change.
    • Action Reason: Select Flexible Work Agreement.
  • Click OK.

  • The Assignment Details page will appear.  Scroll down to find the desired flexible working field(s) in the right column.  There are two options, Remote Work and Compressed Work Week.
    • Remote Work should be used when an employee is routinely working any percentage of their work week remotely.  Use the drop down to signify the number of days within a work week the employee will be working remotely.  Employees not working remotely will choose On Campus (or left blank).
      • Remote 20% = 1 day remote working per week
      • Remote 40% = 2 days remote working per week
      • Remote 60% = 3 days remote working per week
      • Remote 80% = 4 days remote working per week
      • Remote 100% = 5 days remote working (fully remote)
      • Yes/No options should not be used.
    • Compressed Work Week should be checked when an employee will be working 4 days at 10 hours per day instead of the traditional 5 days at 8 hours per day.


Step Four

After all updates have been made, the following steps are required to complete the transaction.

  • Click the Review button in the top right corner.

  • Confirm all changes are accurately conveyed on the Edit Employment: Review page.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Review page to Attachments.  Use the plus sign to attach the Flexible Work Agreement form.  This must be attached before submitting.

  • After confirming all changes, click Submit in the upper right corner.


This completes recording flexible work agreement status.

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