Self-Identification as High Risk for COVID-19

This guide will cover:

  • Employees have the opportunity to self-identify as high risk for COVID-19 based upon the CDC’s definition of high risk.  This is done via a checklist item made available to all active employees in HCM.
  • This information will be used in coordination with the Wyoming Department of Health’s COVID-19 vaccination plan.  In addition to this high risk designation, Human Resources will use date of birth to identify individuals whose age would include them in a specific phase of the state’s vaccination plan.

This guide details the steps for completing this process using Employee WyoCloud access. Please note in order to complete this task, all assigned WyoCloud access training found in the Employee LearnCenter under My Learning Plans must be completed.


Step One

  • Upon accessing the WyoCloud homepage from WyoWeb, navigate to Checklist Tasks using the Navigator.

  • First click My Profile to expand, then click Checklist Tasks.


Step Two

  • From the Checklist Tasks page, select Current Tasks.
    • If you have previously started, but not completed the task, you will select In-Progress Checklists.
    • If you have previously fully completed the task, select Completed Checklists to review.

  • On the next page click on UW COVID-19 High Risk Self Identification and Vaccine Opt-In to open the questionnaire.


Step Three

  • Upon opening the questionnaire, use the drop downs to respond in accordance to your desires and high risk circumstances. 

  • If you indicate that you are high risk for COVID-19 as defined by the CDC, an additional question will appear.  When noting that you are high risk, this question is required.  Please check the box(es) next to all ways you are considered high risk.

  • Upon fully completing the questionnaire, return to the top of the page and click Complete.


You have completed the COVID-19 High Risk Self-Identification and Vaccine Opt-In Questionnaire.

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