Pulse Secure: when connected to the campus VPN, network speed is very slow

Pulse Secure: when connected to the campus VPN, network speed is very slow.

Some computers running Windows, may experience slow network connectivity when connected to the campus VPN with Pulse Secure.

This may be due to a processing issue with the Juniper network service.  Disabling the service can help with restoring network performance.

First, connect with Pulse Secure.


Once connected, open the Network and Sharing applet from the Control Panel:

Click Start -> (search for: Control Panel) open the Control Panel.

Locate or search for and open: Network and Sharing Center.

Open the selection, Change Adapter Settings

Please note, your screens may be different for these screen shots, however, the steps are the same.

In Network Connections, note your current adapters.

You should have one for Pulse Secure and one or two more for Ethernet and/or a Wireless adapter.

Right-mouse click the Pulse Secure adapter, choose Properties

In Properties, locate the option for, Juniper Network Service and de-select it.

Click Ok to return to the Network Connections window.

Repeat that process with your wireless adapter and/or the Ethernet adapter.

Close out of those open windows, disconnect from Pulse Secure.

Upon re-connecting with Pulse Secure, the new settings should be in effect.  Test your network connection to see if the bandwidth has improved.

UW maintains a network speed test site at:  http://speedtest.uwyo.edu

or, use: http://speedtest.net

(there are many advertisements on the .net site)

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