ThunderBird Set up

Note: These instruction will walk you through setting ThunderBird up with your UW Outlook email account.


1. To Install Thunderbird, select Next.


2. You will want to select Standard, then Next.


3. Click Install.


4. Once you have Thunderbird installed, you will want to select "Skip this and use my existing email". This will allow you to add your UW email.


5. You will want to enter your name and your UW email address,, and your UW password. Then click Continue.


6. Next you will want to select Manual config. Then Advanced config




7. Under the Account Settings go to Server Settings.

Sever Name:

User Name:

Port: 993

Connection security: SSL/TLS

Authentication Method: Normal Password



8. Then under Outgoing Server (SMTP), select Edit.



9. You will want to make sure that your settings are the following:

Server name:

Port: 587

Connection security: STARTTLS

Authentication method: Normal password

User Name:




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