Install SPSS 27 for Mac from the UW Network


  • Functional knowledge and use of this application are the responsibility of the user. 

  • Uninstall any existing SPSS version before proceeding. 

  • A connection to the internet is required for activation. 


Information Technology provides SPSS for a yearly fee on UW owned computers for academic teaching and research use only.  For current pricing please see the service page below. There is no requirement for the computer to be connected to the network for the software to run, however it will need to be connected during the installation. To install SPSS from the UW network, an order of SPSS must be submitted to IT here: 


You will need to be connected to the UWyo Wi-Fi, cabled network or the Pulse Secure VPN available at You will also need to have administrative access to the Mac. 

  1. Open Finder (Macs file browser). 

  1. In the menu bar at the top of your screen click "Go

  1. From the drop-down menu select "Connect To Server...

  1. Enter: smb://uwapps/SPSS27$/Mac 

  1. Click the "Connect" button 

  1. You will be prompted to enter your UW username and password 

The connection may take a moment to establish. 


  1. Click on the Mac folder to open it, and download the SPSS-OSX-v27.pkg file by dragging it to your Mac's Desktop

  2. When it's done downloading, double-click the SPSS-OSX-v27.pkg to open. 

  3. Click Continue


  1. When the program opens, make sure it is set to English then click Continue


  1. On the Select a Destination page, select MacIntosh HD as the destination and click Continue


  1. You may choose to change the installation destination; however, the default is recommended for most user. Once you’ve decided on the destination, click Next 

  2. Review the installation information and then click Install 


  1. Enter your Mac's username and password and click Install Software


  1. Click Close on the Summary page, where it states "The Installation was successful!"


  1. Once the License Authorization Wizard opens, it will say there are No licenses found. Click Next 


  1. Make sure Authorized user license is selected


  1. When you requested SPSS, the IT Software Department should have included a code. Please enter that code now and then click Next 


  1. Once the you see the green “Authorization succeeded” click Next 


  1. Your SPSS is now licenses. Click Finish 


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