Recruiting Update Tips

Please see below issues that have been identified regarding the newly updated recruiting module.  Although we are actively working with Oracle to find resolutions to each of these items, here are tips and workarounds to continue work until a resolution is found.


Viewing Candidates Error Message

  • An Oracle bug affecting viewing candidate information and attachments has been identified.  Below is a screenshot of the issue.

WORK-AROUND: To work around the issue, please see the following recommendations – 1. Close out of the application and clear your cache/internet browsing history/cookies, etc. and restart the browser.  2. Try a different browser – we recommend Firefox.  3. It is also recommended that, instead of clicking through via the numbered links on the Recruiting landing page, that you navigate directly to the requisition itself, by locating it via the filters. 

Issues Approving Requisitions and/or Offers

Users reported that accessing the approval tasks via the Tasks tile on the Recruiting landing page is not functional.  Users see the following message, and can click OK, but the system doesn’t allow any action to proceed to review or approve the requisition or offer.  Additionally, you may see the following instructions, “To Approve Offer, navigate to 'More actions' dropdown and select 'Decide on Approval' to take appropriate action” but do not have that option available under the More actions dropdown selection list.

WORK-AROUND: To work around the issue, please review and approve the information directly from the email notification.  If that is not available, you may also follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Navigation pane (3 horizontal lines)

  1. Click on Legacy Recruiting.

  1. Allow Flash (if prompted)
  2. Click Tasks.

  1. Click on appropriate task, “Approve Offer” or “Approve Requisition

  1. Review and approve details, enter an appropriate comment and click Done.


Issues Duplicating Requisitions and Workflow

  • It has been brought to our attention that duplicated requisitions are not going through appropriate workflow/approvals.  This is happening in departments where there have been many workflow updates/changes (i.e. supervisory and hierarchy changes, departmental name changes, etc.) where a Hiring Manager or Assistant is duplicating from an older requisition.  Employment and Staffing Partners will be keeping a close eye on this, but if you notice you submit a requisition for approval and it goes straight to an Employment/Staffing Partner for review, there could potentially be an issue.  We recommend not using the duplicate feature at this time, or working closely with your Staffing Partner, should an issue arise.


Issues Capturing the Position Number While Filling Out the Requisition

Most fields in the requisition form will provide applicable options to choose from once you start typing into the field.  The position number field is not working in the manner currently – to enter the position number into the requisition, you will need to do the following:

  1. Click on the Selector Icon

  1. Clear all the filters that default.

  1. Type in the whole or partial position number into the Code box OR type in the job title into the Description box.  Click Apply Filters – you’ll see applicable position numbers to choose from – click Select to pick the appropriate option.

  1. This action will take you back to the requisition form, so you can continue filling it out as necessary.

If you encounter any other issues with the recruiting module as you process requisitions, please create a help ticket by using the Recruiting Service Request form.

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