How to map a departmental Konica Minolta copier printer on PrintPress with a MAC

These directions and screen shots were created on a Mac with OS 10.12.x (Sierra). Clients with Macs with other versions of the Mac OS may see other views.

Quit any open applications.

Before beginning, locating the Mac's operating system version will be helpful.  Click the Apple Menu in the upper left, choose About This Mac.
 Note the operating system version.

Many departmental Konica Minolta units require authentication codes. In order to configure these codes, please download and install the correct drivers for your Mac OS and Konica model. Drivers are specific to the OS version and Konica model. Drivers may be downloaded from Konica's web site:


Once the drivers are installed, continue with mapping the printer:

Click the Apple menu in the upper left – select System Preferences

Open the Printers & Scanners control panel, normally located on the second row.

Within Printers & Scanners, click the “+” (plus) button as the bottom of the list of printers to add a new printer.

In the Add window, click the Advanced option in the button bar.

(If you do not see the Advanced option, right-mouse click on the bar, choose Customize Toolbar.  Drag the Advanced option up and onto the button bar, click Done.)


Enter in the printer’s details.

Type: Windows printer via Spoolss

Device: Another Device

URL: smb:// in the name of the printer as listed on Printpress)

Name:  A descriptive name

Location: if desired

Use: Click the drop-down button to select the appropriate driver for the printer (as noted at the beginging of this article, Konica Minolta drivers are specific to the Mac OS version and may have to be downloaded from the vendor’s web site).

Click  - Add

You may be presented with a selection of accessories for the printer.

These options may be left un-selected in order to continue with the install, but may remove some functionality. If accessory model numbers are available, please select them here.

The printer should be added to the list of available printers.

In the Printers & Scanners control panel, select the newly added printer, click, Open Print Queue.

Click the Printer menu at the top of the screen, select Print Test Page from that menu.

You may be prompted for a username and password.

Enter in your username in the form:  uwyo\username

(replace the word, “username” with your own UW username)

and enter in your password.

It is recommended selecting the option to remember the password.

*** If no test page is printed, your department may require a printer code. Codes may be entered by launching an application capable of printing (for example, launch Microsoft Word). Open a sample document. Click the File menu, then Print.

In the print options, select the Konica printer.  You may already have presets saved – if you do, select that preset.  If not, you’ll save a new preset later.

Under the selection menu (Copies & Pages are displayed by default) select Output Method, then select the option for, Account Track.  Enter in the departmental copier code.

Select to Save Settings, click OK.

Next, Save that option as a preset.  Name the preset a descriptive term you can refer to later, such as: “Konica code”, or “AG Konica code”

You can create additional presets for options such as, duplex, landscape, envelopes and so on…  Just ensure you enter that departmental code in the Output Method tab.

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