Installing & Configuring Pulse Secure on macOS Computers Running Catalina

Step 1: Login to WyoSecure

  1. Open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari will all work)
  2. Go to 
  3. Enter your UWyo username and password
  4. Click Sign In

  1. The next screen is the Duo Two-Factor Authentication screen to verify your identity.  Select your preferred authentication method:
  • Send Me a Push (sends a prompt to your preferred phone);
  • Call Me (calls your preferred phone); or
  • Enter a Passcode​​​​​ (10 passcodes are sent to your email, by request only, which you may use to authenticate)

Note: If you have not yet set up Duo Two-Factor Authentication, stop, and install Duo before proceeding to the next step

Step 2: Install Pulse Secure App

  1. Click on the Pulse Secure Start button in the Wyoming Secure Portal page

  1. Next click the Download button

  1. If you're using Chrome, click on PulseSecureAppLauncher.dmg file in the bottom left corner of your screen to open the installer. 

Note: If using Firefox or Safari, the .dmg file may be found in the top right portion of your screen (Firefox) or your Downloads folder (Safari), or wherever your default location is for downloads.

  1. Double-click the package installer to begin the installation process


A. If you see the error message shown in the image below, please proceed to step B, if not proceed to step 10.

B. Open System Preferences, then click on Security & Privacy

C. Under the General tab, select Open Anyway

D.  When the warning prompt reappears, click Open


  1. Follow the prompts to install Pulse Secure on your Mac, as shown in the following screen-shots
    1. Click Continue at the Introduction Screen

  1. Click Continue at the Destination Select screen

  1. Click Install at the Installation Type screen. Do not change the Install Location

  1. Click Close on the Summary screen

  1. Click Move to Trash

  1. Click OK

Step 3: Launch and Connect Pulse Secure

  1. After Pulse Secure installs, it will take you back to the WyoSecure screen. Click on the word HERE on your screen to launch Pulse Secure

  1. Click the Open PulseApplicationLauncher button.

  1. Click Open

  1. Click Always and enter your Mac username and password

  1. You will get these warning message, that's to be expected.  Click OK 

  1. Click Open Security Preferences

  1. Click on the lock in Security & Privacy and then enter your Mac username and password and click Unlock

  1. Finally, click Allow

  1. Click OK

  1. You should now see the Pulse Secure window indicating that you're connected with a green check mark.

Step 4: Disconnecting and Re-connecting to Pulse Secure

  1. Click the Disconnect button when you're done accessing UW resources and no longer need a secure connection

  1. To reconnect, click on the Pulse Secure icon in your Dock or in your Applications folder

  1.  Click Connect

  1. Enter your UW credentials

  1. For the Secondary Password, type "push", "phone", to authenticate using your Duo mobile app, or enter a unique passcode generated from your Duo mobile app, or sent via SMS

Here are the list of options that may be used for Duo Two-Factor Authentication

  1. You'll know you've successfully connected to Pulse Secure when you see the green check mark


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