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Highly encouraged place to test out how things look and work for county managers, families and leaders. Please use your curiosity in the sandbox and not in your county.

Accept Members using the Search Function

How to use the "Search" function to accept members. You may also accept members through the "Confirm" function.

Accepting Members using the Confirm Member Function

The “Confirm Members” function is a shortcut to view the members whose enrollment applications have not been approved yet. You can also approve members by using the “Search” function.

Accepting Payments

How to accept payments in 4HOnline.

Address Change for Members

How to change the address of one or more family members at once.

Communication in 4HOnline

4HOnline provides several tools to help facilitate communication with 4-H Volunteers and members. You may upload files such as newsletters or flyers to send as an email and use a short text message to remind families to look for an email in their mailbox.

Creating Registration Fees for the Upcoming 4-H Year

Creating Registration Fees for the Upcoming 4-H Year

Educators- Check your Messages

4HOnline is set up with the Educator as the county contact. For this reason, it is important for Educator's to log in often to check outstanding messages in case there is a request for help.

Email Address Required

Every family must have an email address in order to use 4HOnline. Free email accounts are available through different providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

Email Outside of 4HOnline

How to use the recipient list generated from one of your reports in 4HOnline to use in an Outlook message.

Email Results

What do the email results mean in your broadcast emails? Find out here.

Financial Reports Function

Standard reports are available in the Finances tab of 4HOnline to help keep the financial information easy to obtain.

Granting Project Leaders Access to 4HOnline

How to grant access to Project Leaders.

How to a Create Report

Reports can be developed from all information in the 4-H Online system. There are standard reports that have been integrated to work with every level of management and events. Some reports are quick reports aimed towards ease for important check and balance information. Other reports are custom and can be developed by the user of the system. Reports are used to generate email lists to be used in the communication section of the program.

How to Add a New Club

How to add a new club or edit information for clubs in your county.

How to Change a Members Club

How to change a members club without losing the member's projects.

How to Create A Project Report

How to create a report for any one of your projects.

How to Create Labels

How to print labels in 4HOnline.

How to log into 4HOnline

How to log into 4HOnline.

How to Reset Member Authorizations

When a family submits an enrollment, the Authorizations are locked. If an error is discovered in the Authorizations, before the enrollment has been approved, the County agent can reset the Authorizations for the family to re-enter.

How to use the Activity Function

How to use the Activities function to display a list of activities available in your county.

How to use the Groups Function

How to use the "Groups" function.

Managing Animal Information

How to add/change animal information after the member identification deadline.

Message to Member

How to send a message to the member when the profile is missing information.

Printing Member Health Forms

Print these forms right before each event/outing in case information has changed since last printing. Remember families have the ability to change the information in the health form at any time.

Rollover Process

Changes which occur each year during the rollover process.

Rollover Tip Sheet

Handy checklist to cover important steps for the rollover process.

Running reports in Queue

How to run reports in the Queue

Setting Up Events

How to create events with registrations.

Using the Search Function

The "Search" function in the Member/Volunteer tab is a great way to find a member. If you are looking for a family, check the Families tab. Remember to always clear your filters at the end of your search.