The Employee LearnCenter will become the training hub for all UW employee training. Currently included are required employee trainings, Human Resources, EORR, Safety and WyoCloud courses.

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Department Training Coordinator

Department Training Coordinators are Business Managers (or their designee) who have access in the Employee LearnCenter to pull reports and view training completions for any user.

Supervisor Tools

The Employee LearnCenter has specific tools to allow supervisors/managers to review and assign their reports' training.

Articles (6)

Pinned Article LearnCenter 101

Looking for the basics to get started with the Employee LearnCenter? LearnCenter 101 training video will walk you through the basics of navigating and using the LearnCenter.

Course Catalog

Navigating and using the Course Catalog in the Employee LearnCenter. Enrolling in training via the Course Catalog.

Historical Training Records Conversion to Employee LearnCenter

Details on how historical training records were transcribed into the Employee LearnCenter.

My Current Learning

Navigating and using My Current Learning in the Employee LearnCenter.

My Learning Plans

Navigating and using My Learning Plans in the Employee LearnCenter.

My Transcript

Navigating and using My Transcript in the Employee LearnCenter.